Intuitive Health’s Philosophy

Intuitive Health draws knowledge from a range of health & well being practices where we’ve seen real personal benefit.

Quite simply if it hasn’t worked for me, we won’t offer it to you!

Currently we offer Mickel Therapy & share knowledge on laughter workouts, clutter clearing and more.

Saul’s Personal Experience with Chronic Fatigue / M.E

Saul Levitt – Founder

Saul Levitt, M.E. Survivor & Mickel Therapist

From the age of 5 I started to notice that I had occasional stomach pains. By age 9 I suffered with occasional boughts of anxiety, one which landed me in hospital. Then in 1998, while studying at University, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome following the onset of a severe flu virus. Then following 4 years were a real struggle.

Somehow, I muddled through the rest of university and even managed a job with flexible hours. During this time a struggled with symptoms ranging from muscle pains, sensitivity to sound, intolerances, fatigue/lethargy to name but a few! Having tried lots of different treatments, I finally started to make some progress on my hindsight I realise I was starting to use Mickel without knowing it! Then in 2006, during some time living in Australia, I heard about Mickel Therapy from a friend back in the UK. When I read about it, it really clicked and made sense to me. Soon after I went on practitioner training in New Zealand. This helped me to make the full recovery from so many of my lingering symptoms which included Fibromyalgia, food intolerance’s and IBS. The change in me was dramatic and life changing. I then went on to offer Mickel Therapy to other fellow sufferers. Having also suffered from this condition has been invaluable in my empathy and ability to help clients on their journey to health.

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Background & Training 
Over the past 15 years I have held a range of jobs in both private and the charitable sectors. With a background in marketing and project management I felt that I wanted something more fulfilling out of my work & life in general. In early 2006 while in Australia, I heard about a new treatment for CFS / M.E called Mickel Therapy. I trained with Dr Mickel in New Zealand in February 2006 & have been practicing Mickel Therapy ever since as a fully Accredited Mickel Therapist. I have  worked alongside Dr Mickel in delivering training to new therapists and run my own training in London with colleagues. I continue to refine an already excellent treatment with new techniques.

Other Training & Services 
I have trained with 3 experienced laughter facilitators (one who has studied with Madan Kataria). Saul proudly uses the title laughologist! (laughter facilitator).