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Saul Levitt, founder of Intuitive Health, has over 12 years experience of successfully delivering Mickel Therapy. The treatment was created by a doctor in 2002 to successfully treat Chronic Fatigue and M.E. It now also treats a range of different health conditions.

First let’s talk about what the therapy is and isn’t about:

What Mickel Therapy is

  • It is a talking therapy
  • It views you as a whole person, not just the symptoms or the part of you that is ill
  • It teaches you why you have become ill
  • It teaches you to understand why you have the symptom that you do
  • It is empowering, as it teaches you how to act to heal yourself and stop the symptoms

Mickel Therapy is not

  • It is not psychotherapy
  • It is not Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • It is not a special diet
  • It does not involve expensive supplements
  • It does not involve medication
  • It does not involve physical contact

I first discovered Mickel Therapy during my 6 year struggle with Chronic Fatigue. I was astounded by my own recovery having tried every treatment imaginable.

I’m now excited to share with you all that I’ve learnt so that you to can start in your recovery.

It is estimated that well over 6,000 clients have reported regaining full health using Mickel Therapy*. You can read just some of the inspiring client success stories of people I’ve worked with.

The Therapy has fostered a strong link with research taking place at Queens University in Belfast and continues to seek funding to independently evaluate our work.

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Video of Dr Mickel
Dr David Mickel discusses the causes of a range of conditions

*Based on 2010 results supplied by Mickel Health Initiatives Ltd

Mickel Therapy Testimonials

It is definitely one of the most profound things I’ve done

Life is exciting and fun again, the way it was when I was a child. I also have the tools to navigate through situations in life. It is definitely one of the most profound things I’ve done and I would recommend it to anyone.


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