After experiencing chronic fatigue for five years I had tried many different avenues and had almost believed that I would live with it for my entire life.

Then came along Mickel Therapy eighteen months ago, which I tried knowing I had nothing to loose.

It is now a year on since I completed my Mickel Therapy sessions with Saul Levitt. What a year it has been – I fulfilled my dream of travelling to India to complete my yoga teacher training. I now teach yoga and run community workshops within my business Inner Shine. I have just started a Traditional Chinese Medicine course that I love.

I hope to become a Mickel Therapist one day to help others. I meditate daily, exercise, enjoy time with my family and friends and have fun.

Mickel Therapy gave me practical tools in how to look after myself first, bring more joy into my life and effectively communicate my needs with others. The side effect of this was a drastic improvement in my physical, emotional and spiritual health.

It was an absolute blessing and I couldn’t be more privileged than to be guided by the incredible Saul Levitt. I cannot recommend Saul highly enough, his care, knowledge and professionalism in this field is remarkable. Everyday I am grateful for my health, Mickel Therapy & Saul Levitt.

Thank you.