Rosalie after recovering from CFS with Mickel Therapy

Saul did an amazing job in helping me to recover from chronic fatigue. Before I started Mickel Therapy, I had tried various treatments to recover from my fatigue, which was affecting all aspects of my life. I wasn’t able to do my office job, could hardly take care of the kids and sometimes could even not get up the stairs.

Regular doctors concluded that my fatigue was a very complex problem, and that I had to accept this as something to deal with for the rest of my life. However, I didn’t want to accept this, and when I read about Mickel Therapy I was strengthened in my belief that I could recover.

I have had about 10 sessions with Saul, and I feel like reborn. Mickel Therapy has provided me with very practical tools to manage my energy levels in not only a healthy, but also in a fun and fulfilling way.

I am this kind of person that tends to live in her head, resulting in vicious circles of worries and thoughts, ending up with huge energy leaks. Mickel Therapy gave me the tools to focus on my emotions instead, and to apply immediate and appropriate action to release these emotions.

I have learned to listen to my own needs instead of automatically acting as a response to real and perceived demands from others. This has resulted in a more balanced schedule during the day and the week, and in allowing myself to focus on the things that give pleasure and fulfilment.

I would highly recommend Mickel Therapy to everyone who is suffering from fatigue. Compared to other complementary therapies, the costs involved are extremely reasonable, especially considering the priceless value you may get out of it.

Rosalie, London.