Mickel Therapy Success

Second from left, on holiday at Uluru after making a recovery.

I’d had CFS for a few years after Glandular Fever and Ross River Fever. I felt I was getting worse. I heard about Mickel Therapy on a website for CFS sufferers. At first I was curious.

I went to the website and I thought it sounded a bit weird but I was still curious. I sent a message to the author of the post on the CFS website and asked about the therapy and her recovery. Her replies were encouraging, positive and friendly. I still didn’t quite understand what it was about. She told me to read the book.

I read the book about Mickel Therapy on Saturday (June 30). It made sense to me. I felt something inside me “yelling” at me to do it.

Mickel Therapy Success

Climbing after doing Mickel Therapy

I had my first session on the following Wednesday night (July 4). If someone else had have heard it, they would have said it was just a conversation and it was of no great importance. My body, however, sang.

The following Saturday, a week since I read the Mickel Therapy book, the difference in me was unbelievable. I felt like I was alive. My body was talking to me and I was in tune.

It’s now (Sept 1) and my last session was Aug 15. I had 5 sessions and the cost was less than I have spent on anything else (e.g. naturopath, massage, medicine, vitamins, minerals, alternative therapies). The improvement in me is remarkable. I have had one nap in the last 2 months (I napped most days before Mickel). I work from home but I do at least 8 hours solid work a day (before, I struggled with 4 hours). I get up before 8 am most days (before, it was maybe by 10 am) and I go to bed and sleep about 10.30 pm (before, I struggled to sleep). My husband bought me a horse to celebrate my improvement. I do all his care and training (before, I could barely care for myself).

I know how to enjoy myself now. I can balance the good things with the things you have to do. I am comfortable with myself and my emotions. My body feels like mine again. I can bask in the sun, walk my dogs, pat my horse, ride, go on holidays, shop, sleep, read, write, work, shower, wash, cook, clean, listen to music, dance. Some of those things I forgot all about when I was sick. Mickel Therapy helped me remember that I loved to do them (well, most of them) but now I take pleasure in doing them all. Life is no longer a struggle to live.

I have always believed that my inability to process a series of crushing emotional events over a short period of time, led to me becoming ill. Mickel Therapy is a perfect fit for that belief. Thank God for Mickel Therapy!

– C.E, NSW, Australia, Sept 2007