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The Great Mistake: renaming Chronic Fatigue to Systemic Exertion Intolerance


Recently there has been a move in the U.S to rename Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), also referred to as M.E to instead be called Systemic Exertion Intolerance. As someone that suffered with the condition for over 6 years, neither term makes sense to me. I always felt that ‘Fatigue’ was a poor way to describe [...]

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Podcast interview on The Shiatsu Guy Presents


I was recently interviewed on The Shiatsu Guy Presents podcast. The podcast series looks at a number of complimentary therapists, their journey and insights. My interview looked at my journey through Chronic Fatigue and in the process discovering Mickel Therapy as well as my views on health and wellbeing. You can download the podcast episode from iTunes and [...]

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Harnessing The Power Of Your Symptoms


Learning to interpret symptoms could mean your body no longer needs to keep sending them. Isn’t it horrible when you feel ill? Maybe you have a stomach ache or migraine or perhaps other debilitating symptoms of chronic fatigue or M.S. While symptoms are never nice, they frequently hold helpful messages from the body. Once we [...]

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Are Your Uni Finals or that Impending Mortgage payment making you Anxious?


Discover a different approach that could help you sail through your exams or worry more constructively! Remember that experience of being in an exam & becoming so anxious you’re stomach is churning and you are even physically ill or freeze up. Perhaps you get so anxious about an upcoming job interview or arranging that mortgage [...]

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Is Guilt Making Us Ill?


As someone that’s Jewish, I live in a culture where we’ve perfected the art of guilt. This finely honed skill that every good Jewish family is no doubt familiar with. “Don’t worry about me I’ll just sit here in the dark.” “You don’t write, you don’t call”. While perhaps as a Jew I’ve become accustomed to [...]

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Payback’s a bitch!


6 years a slave to CFS During my 6 years of struggling with CFS through university, 3 jobs and 3 home moves, one of the things that always seemed strange to me, was that I could be exhausted, have aches and pains and other horrendous symptoms but if I did something I enjoyed like seeing [...]

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It’s not all about me! Favourite blogs by others…


While I love writing blogs about the things I'm passionate about I also know there are some wonderful blogs and articles out there by other people. Here are some of my favourite: Anna Quindlen’s (Author) Commencement Speech Mount Holyoke College, May 23, 1999 Slowing Down -Eknath Easwaran in Yoga Journal How Laughter Works Therapeutic Benefits of [...]

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“Don’t Worry About It”


Phrases can be well meaning but often gloss over how we truly feel Could ‘innocent’ phrases like this affect our health? When I spent a year in Australia back in 2005, one of my favourite hobbies was learning the local lingo. I became adept at using phrases like “no worries” or “no dramas”. While [...]

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